Sanskrit   :    Godanti

Telugu      :   

 Hindi        :  

 Latin        :     Gypsum


It is found in white colour and appears like the teeth (danta) of the cow (Go), when a stroke is given over the plaques of Gypsum.
Chemically it is known as ‘Dihydrate of Calcium sulphate’. Its Chemical formula is CaSO4 . 2H2o. Plaster of paris is a product prepared from it.


Features of Good variety of Godanti (Gypsum):
The godanti found in shiny layers is expected for medicinal purpose. It should possess crystal white colour and lustrous radiance like the moon of autumn season (Sharath ritu).
According to Ayurveda, it should be purified before its acceptance for therapeutic purposes.


Godanti Bhasma Uses: It is used in the treatment of leucorrhoea, Fever due to Pitta imbalance, chronic fever, cough, cold, asthma, anemia, chest injury, emaciation and wasting in children. It improves strength and immunity.